The Financial Management Association (FMA) of New Hampshire empowers our region’s strong community of senior level business talent by providing a forum for professional development and networking. We fill the gap felt by many CPAs, senior financial executives and entrepreneurs in the area by offering long-term value to those looking to build their expertise, professional network and value to clients and organizations—all close to home.

Upcoming Events

Impacting Success thru Organizational Development/HR
Tuesday, March 10, 2020

**Due to the concerns we have received about attending a group event during the Coronavirus outbreak, we are going to postpone the FMA meeting on Tuesday, March 10th.  To ensure safety, we feel even with the low risk, it is best to be overly cautious and move the event to a future date.  Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you once the event is rescheduled.**

CEO(s) that took a big Strategy Risk
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Be an Unpanelist

Interested in contributing your expertise at one of our upcoming events? Contact us to learn more about speaking opportunities.


Why Join

“I became a board member of FMA because we are constantly looking at our clients’ financial and business challenges, and seeking opportunities to help them succeed. If FMA does nothing else, it helps keep us engaged and informed about current, trending topics like data security and privacy, while providing me with a forum to network and discuss issues like firm succession planning. I also find the UNpanel approach extremely fresh in today’s network event environment.”

Joanne L Edgar, CPA
Managing Partner at J. Edgar Group, PLLC

Member Benefits

Each of our members gets a little something different from the group, but most feel they gain the following through our uniquely formatted events:

  • Expert level speakers provide clear guidance on relevant issues
  • Fresh and engaging UNpanel presentations
  • Large, strong core group that keeps content and networking fresh
  • Exclusive focus on financial and related services

Our model is simple, “just show up and participate” without any membership obligation.